Of Death and the Vegetable King: A Third Perspective

“I got this job in the summer.  It’s pretty sweet– even though I’m always on call.  I’m trying to get one of the tenants to cover for me on the weekends, but the last guy was super unreliable.  I had to let him go.

This is the first time I’ve had to do this.  His daughter called me up and told me.  Really fuckin’ sucks.  He was a good tenant– always paid his rent three days early, you could set your watch by it.  He had really weird hand-writing– I had to get him to write a couple checks over again.

She came over the afternoon after he died– pretty shaken up.  We opened the door and the whole place smelled like cat piss.  That is gonna be one hell of a steam cleaning bill.  We might even have to replace the carpets, which sucks.  She’s in for a hell of a lot of trouble, taking that cat.  I don’t think he’s even nutered.

Other than the smell, the place is pretty clean.  Lots of old pictures, of one lady in particular… I’m guessing she was his wife.  Funny thing, his daughter was pretty composed until she saw his frying pan in the sink, then she broke down.  I gave her a hug, there’s snot all over my shirt, but I don’t mind.

She said that he had that frying pan since she was little.  They used it to make blueberry pancakes every Saturday morning.  She told me that he would always make her a special ‘Mickey Mouse’ pancake, that she started with the ears.

She had a big box.  Took all the pictures and the frying pan and the cat, of course: that’s it.  I guess she’s hired some movers to come in on the weekend to pick up the rest of the stuff.  She also asked if I wanted anything.  I hope she didn’t see me eying his set of chisels.  I love working with wood; guess he did too.

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