Engagement: Take One

I decided to ask Margo to marry me while riding on the Ferry from Vancouver back to Victoria.  I bought a ring in Vancouver, thinking it, at the time, to be just a gift; on the ferry, however, I decided the ring would, instead, be an engagement ring.

Margo picked me up at the ferry.  We then drove to our secret spot by the ocean, and I presented her with several gifts, which she received with closed eyes and open hands.  The last was the ring, which I attempted to slide onto her wedding ring finger.  It didn’t fit.

She smiled and forced it on.  I still hadn’t let the cat out of the bag, since the awkwardness of the situation made me reconsider as to whether or not this should be the moment.  I am not sure if she knew my intentions, but she smiled and said the ring was very nice.  For the next five minutes, I went through a debilitating internal battle as to whether or not I should tell her.  Meanwhile, her finger swelled to an enormous size.

Her finger was blue by the time we decided we should do something about it.  We rushed to her place and grabbed an assortment of lubricants (butter, Vaseline and baby oil) to try to get the ring off: none of them worked.  We then phoned her father, and described the situation: he told us to go to the hospital immediately.

By the time we got to the hospital, the finger was black.  The doctor there was very kind and took us and our plight very seriously.  He used a special tool to cut metal without injuring finger.  It barely managed to fit under the ring.  The ring was cut, and I wondered if then would be the right time to ask her for her hand in marriage.

After a series of tests to assess the degree of nerve damaged she had suffered (fortunately, it was almost nil) we drove back to our secret spot.  We sat there in silence for a while.  She asked me what I was thinking: she knew.  I then said: When I put that ring on your finger, I wanted to ask you if you would keep it on there forever…. obviously, I didn’t mean that literally, but that is how it turned out.  Anyways, Margo, will you marry me?  Of course.  Big hug.  But, we decided to do a do over.

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3 Responses to Engagement: Take One

  1. fucking best story ever!

  2. Nina says:

    That is amazing.

  3. Margaret says:

    great story
    no wonder Margo said it was a long story

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