A Bit About A Deadly, Unsalvageable Sham (The 2010 Olympic Winter Games)

I don’t like sports.  I might as well state that bias, right off the bat.  I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, and avoided most of the people that did.  Not that there’s anything wrong with people who enjoy or playing sports, it just ain’t my thing.  All’s I have to say is that a lot of these juiced up morons get paid way too much for playing games (let the games begin).

The Olympics are about much more than sports, however.  I ran through the Bay the other day, in search of a washroom and I heard one of the employees telling a customer that there was an entire floor of the store devoted solely to Olympic paraphernalia. I almost lost my breakfast.

The Olympics is an industry.  Like other industries, it is repulsive and disgusting in more ways than any blog has room to mention.  The 2010 Vancouver Olympic games have taken this heartbreaking awfulness to a whole new level.  Let me tell you why.

VANOC has placed the Games on land that does not even belong to Canada.  When people protest the fact that the Games are on Native Land, VANOC simply smiles and says, “What are you gonna do about it?”  People protest.  Protests are not seen on most news stations: “What are you gonna do about it?”

This afternoon, I was approached by a news-reporter from A Channel.  With the enthusiasm typical of most, as they discuss the Olympics, she asked me who I thought would carry the torch on the final leg of the run.  I looked directly into the camera and said, “Well, I HOPE TO GOD, that VANOC has the decency to at least allow an aboriginal person to represent the community which is the real (though reluctant (to say the least))host of the Olympics: the Native Peoples.  She smiled the way news reporters do, and said, “Thank you.”  She probably thought I was crazy.

Most people don’t know that the Olympic Commitee has essentially invaded, once again, the land of Native Peoples and is having a terrible, three week party on this land despite the obvious opposition to the invasion.  It is sickening and nothing is being done about it: Harper is on vacation, let’s remember.

Not only that, but people are not allowed to protest.  Carey Mercer’s article does an excellent job of describing the sock that is stuck in the mouths of the various artists performing at the Olympics.  Also, there are pre-ordained “protest stations” set up strategically around Vancouver: effectively burying the voices of those who want to enlighten the world about the tragedy that is unfolding.  Again, sickening.

I could go on, but I won’t.  I would encourage you all to explore the alternative media yourself to see what a sham this whole thing is.  I am anticipating resistance to this piece.  I am anticipating being called “negative”, or “pretentious” or even (God forbid) “unpatriotic”.  But remember, before you buy your official Olympic mittens, that you are buying into the Beast.  The 2010 Olympic Games is a shameful, awful thing.  Lest you be deceived.

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10 Responses to A Bit About A Deadly, Unsalvageable Sham (The 2010 Olympic Winter Games)

  1. Tessa says:

    I say: Right on!

  2. Emma says:

    Good fucking riddance.
    I’m torn between hiding my head under my covers until it’s over and people realize what a fuck-up they’ve been, and going to smash things.
    But the smashing isn’t going to help.
    At this point there isn’t much that will. The government is doing a good job of smothering contrary voices.
    Graham got picked up a couple weeks ago in Vancouver by the new “Olympic Security Committee”… you are not allowed to “wander” in Vancouver anymore.

  3. Barb says:

    i don’t disagree that VANOC has been the vehicle for fiscal mismanagament, repression of free speech, and poor planning (to say the least), but i must protest that the Olympics is an inherently bad institution. it is possible for the games to be mounted in such a way that the fundamental principles of olympism (harmonious development of a peaceful society, friendship among nations, promotion of human dignity, etc.) take precedent over the perverse promotion of the host country at any cost – unfortunately, VANOC hasn’t attempted to do this.

  4. Nina says:

    The Olympics make me want to lose my breakfast too. It makes me angry in the depths of my being how totalitarian this circus has become. I can only hope that the giant “inuit” statue falls on Harper, Campbell and the entirety of VANOC and puts us out of our misery.

  5. ThePatritoticFew says:

    Just bought my Canada Hockey Jersey, got my maple leaf tattoo touched up too. I have been thinking about shaving it into my hair for the Olympics, the maple leaf that is! I’ve been blasting my quads, so I can jump up and cheer a little faster than everyone else. Also, my scarf, toque and favorite Canada hoodie are all clean and ready for the cheering madness. I was also happy to see that Roots has injected it’s merchandise into the Sears Department Store- this is also a prominent Canadian institution. I don’t care what happens to anyone as long as we show the world that we’re the best hockey players. I really don’t. When you really think about it, protesting is so G7. I mean, if you want to stop the Olympics, you should go back in time and try to do something about it Greece! That’s what I hate about all these protesters; they aren’t willing to go that extra mile. I am also pleased to see that Canada is shopping the contracts for native art around the world- I think it does tons to diversify our Nation.

  6. Keith says:

    Historically the Olympics have been used by extremists and terrorists to get their message across sometimes with deadly results. Having said this, a big concern is the near suspension of civil rights in the interest of security. The multi-billion dollar event caters to the big money crowd while the rest watch it on tv except for you Nick.

  7. Karley says:

    TOday i watched the Olympic torch go through New west minster, i missed it because the coke trucks took away all the attention and the little guy with a broken foot who was running the torch was hidden…….i think i figured out what the Olympics are about. (Anyone know the history of the torch run…http://no2010.com/node/1113) check it out, berlin sure layed the grounds for coke didnt they?

  8. andrea says:

    Personally, I like sports, especially winter sports. I even like the idea behind the Olympics which, according to Niko, is to bring all the different sports together and blah blah blah . And… that’s about it. Everything else also makes me want to wretch. Commercialism, manic-like patriotism, attacks on civil liberties… the list goes on. Well said friend 🙂

  9. WhinyProtesterBitchPants says:

    I don’t think un-original protesting should be warranted anyways. The Olympics call for Top-Class protests, not these piddly march and yell things all the ambulance chasers do. If they can’t come up with anything original to do with “protest zones” then they aren’t passionate. There’ve always been guidelines around protesting, this time around, instead of whining about “civil liberties”, perhaps these fucks should get a PA system and hook it up, make it loud, and yell as much “Not on our land” as they want- just stop complaining about what they’ve taken away. Just because there are limits, and boundaries, doesn’t mean there is no voice. I don’t want to be inciteful, however, I think the athletes have rights as well, and attempting to disrupt the games or a particular sport could be dangerous. This is a classic opportunity to realize the old saying “If life you gives you (whiny protesters) lemons, you paint that shit gold”.

    seriously though, everyone should protest with their facebook status.

  10. Bruce Brooker says:

    2010 Olympics were a corporate wet dream. The obvious polarity of wealth is hideous. I too wanted to go to Yonge St. in Toronto to see The Torch go by…but what with all the COKE trucks and RBC trucks with their copious amounts of staff…and all the PO-LICE…I could not even get a glimpse.
    At that precise moment, I too finally “got it”, the Olympics is for THEM…NOT US. Whenever there is imbalance, something snaps…the time is coming.

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