One More 2010 Olympics Post (For Margo)

I struggle with writing this.  To be completely honest, I simply don’t care about this silly little thing happening in Vancouver; to write about it, at (any) length, is tortuous.  Last night, I tried.  I watched figure skating.  I watched a woman cry because her mom died.  That sucks, but I would venture to guess that many a folk, who aren’t ‘Olympians’ (myself included), have lost significant people over the last few days, so why should I care more?  Because some silly commentator tells me that this was, under the circumstances, the most incredible skating experience of all time?  Nope.  I care about real people more than this made up lady contorting on ice.  Serious.

So, why do I hate the Olympics?  Some have compared it to hating babies!  I love babies!  What’s the dif.?  Lemme tell you.

A baby is born from love.  An Olympian is born from money.  It may be that simple… easy way out.  Ok.  So, going with this.  I makes me sick how much money we spend on our athletes.  They fly around and get fucked.  They smoke pot and get onto the Conan O’Brian show for it.  They ‘secretely’ fuck anyone (Cowboy’s waitresses, listen up) in the most secret of spots.  They are lauded as heroes.

I know people who try to make art for a living.  Who debase themselves to working shit jobs to pay bills and the debt from tours.  Are these people, who bring life to any who listen, lauded?  No.   They are spit on.  They are called hippies, or peace niks, not taken seriously except by a few.  The rest, watch hockey with blank face.  The rest bang on table.  The rest buy jerseys.  Fuck that.

Sports are a joke, or, if you will, a new opiate of the masses.  Many hate religion; well, Sports is the new Christianity.  I would join the Catholic Church before I buy a ticket to any Flames or Canucks, or Olympic game.  I would Hail Mary a thousand times before I inflict that poison upon the pallet of my child.  It is sickening.  It will fall.  Trust me.

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4 Responses to One More 2010 Olympics Post (For Margo)

  1. WCardona says:

    Interesting choice of ‘Hail Mary’ as your religious expression, as it is also a sports expression – a reference to the ‘long bomb’ in American Football – that desperate last ditch effort with a slim chance at success.

    Sports is neither a joke nor a religion, tho many attempt to establish it as the latter. Sports has the potential to be something greater than a symbol of what the Western Standard calls ‘petty nationalism’. It can unite a country and inspire nations. Just as there are merits of publicly funding artists, even controversial ones, there are merits to funding athletes.

    There’s a connection between the progress of a society and progress in the arts. You could also say the same about the country’s values and how it funds its athletes. The USA, relying on TV broadcast rights and corporate sponsorship, is one of only three countries where Olympic athletes receive no government funding. Canada, on the other hand, announces retreat from their own funding of athletes, abandoning their ‘Own the Podium’ program, in the middle of the Olympics.

    The notion that taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for anything of which they disapprove is ludicrous. Olympic demagoguery is just as hateful as those who protest the National Endowment of the Arts. Once we start to pull the funding from either, wishing for the demise for either… our chance at success as a society will require a Hail Mary.

  2. Jody Beck says:

    Nice rebuttal. Well said.

  3. timothytrebilcock says:

    At least with a Hail Mary the Quarterback knows he’s throwing to the Endzone where a Receiver might catch the ball and score a Touchdown to win the game. How do you define success as a society? Greed has sacked the entire game and now no one wins.

  4. tara says:

    If you’ve got some time to kill and feel like reading some radical political theory, pick up Guy Debord’s ‘Society of the Spectacle’ (or read it online here: Debord cites professional sports as an ideological tool for keeping the consuming masses blissfully in check. It’s an interesting take and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all through the Olympics.

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