The Blackheart Procession

The following article was originally published in Beatroute Magazine.

Darkness has followed The Black Heart Procession for the entirety of their career. From the band’s first album, One, to the more recent Six (there are some proper titles in the discography as well), the band’s focus on the melancholic aspects of life has been steadfast.

So, imagine my surprise when I learned that lead singer, Pall Jenkins, had just finished cooking dinner for his mother when I called him at his San Diego residence. His ‘hello’ was notably chipper.

“Yeah, I guess we have written a lot of songs about the sad bits of life,” Jenkins muses. “But I guess I never think of us as being ‘dark’ or anything like that. We’re pretty normal, most of the time… it takes some doing to get into the right headspace before going on stage.”

Jenkins and Tobias Nathanial, his constant musical companion, started out working together in Three Mile Pilot; they were roommates for several years prior. The two have been through a lot together, both on the road and at home.

“Sometimes it feels as though we are married. We’ve had some huge fights … doing all those shows, singing about some pretty heavy stuff … it can take its toll.”

While the band has featured a number of different players, its current formation is a comparatively minimalist three-piece, featuring Jason Hooper on drums.

They will be playing a short tour of only 12 dates, which includes a show at The Rickshaw in Vancouver on December 7. Be sure to stop by to indulge your love of the darkness; bring your mom!

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