Nick’s Picks: The Best of 2011- Music Venues

The Fort Cafe is the best place in Victoria to see live music. Hidden under thousands of pounds of books and electric shavers, the Fort Cafe is our little town’s best kept secret for food (all healthy, but incredibly tasty fair), drink (the taps are kept consummately clean) and music (there is live music happening at the Fort almost every night of the week).

Unlike other venues in town (ahem, Sugar Nightclub) who make customers feel like asshole criminals, the Fort Cafe is a warm and welcoming environment. The staff are efficient and friendly; the owner works hard to make everyone who walks down his stairs feel great.

So do yourself a favor and check it out. The list of acts is written in chalk by the entrance!


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2 Responses to Nick’s Picks: The Best of 2011- Music Venues

  1. avery says:

    You forgot the Starship Enterprise. Free with every purchase of a Phillips Shaver!

  2. I can’t understand how a place where you can’t walk up to the front and watch the band with a beer in your hand, can be the best music venue in town? Couldn’t believe it when they told me I had to be sitting with a beer…and that they prefer people be sitting watching the bands anyway…

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