Nick’s Picks: The Best of 2011, vol. 3 (Pubs)

This will come as no suprise to all who know me, neigh, all who live in , or have been to the Cook Street area:  all hail the Beagle Pub as the best pub in town!

The Beagle Pub is consistently excellent, in both atmosphere and in service.  The staff are all intelligent, and while they are fully capable of carrying on a stimulating conversation with their customers, they only do so during slow times.

The atmosphere of the Pub is so great that it manages to outshine the glare of the dozen or so televisions (the sole drawback of the place) innevitable roar of this or that sports game.

I have met several friends there, my favourite being the lovely 82 year old Isobel Maher, who holds court every afternoon, giving kisses on the cheek to all who offer.  Wonderful, wonderful place!  This is all to say nothing about the great beer specials and amazing pub fare. 

Come on down and buy me a beer! : )

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