Nick’s Picks: The Best of 2011, Album and Show Edition (Two-for Thursday)

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has talked to me in the past few months, that my favourite album of this year (and perhaps the past ten) is Blackout Beach’s masterwork “Fuck Death”. I have been listening to this album three times a day since it came out (no exaggeration); I am confident I will continue to do so for the rest of this year, and probably well into the next. Here’s my official take on the album, though it continues to reveal new things to me with every listen.

And then, the live show:

Upon traveling via bus, ferry, another bus, and finally train to see Blackout Beach play a live show at Zulu Records, I was pleasantly surprised by their set. The songs they played were almost unrecognizable, but every bit as good as the studio incarnations. And there was free beer too; a perfect evening. Here’s a glimpse. I apologize for the poor vantage point, but for the record, there were others aside from Dante and Carey playing that night, namely Megan Boddy and Melanie Cummings. Check it out

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