To Win $ 3,000,000

Never one to gamble, I’ve never seriously contemplated the prospect of winning a million dollars, much less three (point three) million– until today, that is.

I got to work early today, and was surprised to find the lights off and the gate to the front door closed. I mumbled something, and lit a cigarette happy to be the first to arrive.

A few moments later I heard shrieks. At first I was alarmed, but I soon distinguished the variety of shriek as one of jubilation… it sounded strange in the cloudy climate of 8:05 AM.

Suddenly, three of my coworkers rounded the corner giggling maniacally. I mistakenly thought they were happy to see me after my time off, until Victoria’s most recent millionaire revealed her newfound fortune to me.

“I just won three million dollars.”. She said plainly.

As she herself has said several times since this morning, three million dollars is a big number to wrap one’s head around. We, her fellow office mates have been trying to do so since this morning with no success.

The phones have been ringing off the hook, betraying the fact that good news can indeed travel just as quickly as bad.

And there she sits in front of her computer, trying to carry on as though nothing has happened even though it certainly has. The carrot which once dangled impossibly in front of her now rests in her lap; soon the feast shall begin.

To be continued…

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