Upon Seeing Bonehoof Play Logan’s On Thursday Night

Bonehoof’s is a collective hand, not easily forced. In the past few months, I’ve had to bear the weight of an excruciating knowledge: I know for a fact that Bonehoof have recorded an album. I’ve even been lucky enough to hear the unmixed masters of the album’s centerpiece, “Peggy Powler”, which routinely closes off Bonehoof’s live set with a tremendous bang; lemme tell ya, even in its unfinished state, the recorded incarnation of this song is even more powerful than the live version. The band’s devoted followers need to hear it… and the masses do too.

Now, I’ve tried to coerce the band into releasing this album as soon as possible, by any means possible. I’ve tried bribery, I’ve begged, I’ve pleaded, I’ve composed lengthy letters and written demands on the band’s Facebook wall. As a last resort, I’ve even threatened to boycott their shows, but every time Bonehoof plays, I find it impossible to stay away: here’s why.

Each of Bonehoof’s four members is a study in musical precision; it is truly a delight to watch them play, as each member exhibits an amazing focus on the most minute of details. Throughout the show, volume nobs are adjusted and readjusted, pedals are manipulated, and snares tightened, resulting in the band’s consistently air-tight live set.

But what makes Bonehoof truly remarkable is how these four guys, each of whom are obviously complete perfectionists, manage to play so well together; when the band is on stage, egos are set aside. Bonehoof only serves one master, and that master is song–she, the blessed muse which unites this band.

And it works. Even the most passive members of a crowd are bound to notice that Geoff Howe, Benji Duke, Chris Lloyd and Jack Weyler have complete respect for each other’s musicianship, but more importantly, they all genuinely like each other: their love translates into a consistently energetic, and inspiring live show.

And so, as we wait with baited breath for Bonehoof, perfectionists they are, to put the finishing touches on what is sure to be a masterpiece, we are fortunate to be able to partake regularly (the band is amongst the hardest working in this town) in a live show which consistently transcends what one might expect of a live show: it’s that precise, trust me.


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