Fragile Strength: Julie Doiron’s Too Many Days

This review was originally published by Monday Magazine.

Julie Doiron has made a career of writing songs so candid and confessional, we are forced to wonder how transparent she can possibly get: with every album we learn more about Doiron and, by extension, ourselves. Too Many Days continues this tradition: it steals our hearts though at times it also threatens to break them. Too Many Days is Doiron at her very best.

“Homeless” is the album’s best example of Doiron’s evocative, terrifying beauty. Just as the song’s speaker has been stripped of everything including food, love and even her home, so too has the song been stripped away to its bare bones, consisting of Doiron’s spare vocals and a bass-line alone.

A triumph of human spirit emerges: we discover that Doiron’s weakness’, once filtered through a gestational process of song and songwriting, are her greatest strength. As she says on the album’s opener “Cars and Trucks”, “I’m writing this song just to prove to myself that really I can write songs… because this thing is mine”. Thankfully, Doiron is generous enough to share.


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