First Thoughts on Jian Ghomeshi

“Well, hi there… happy Tuesday.” For those of you to whom the first five words of this piece sound familiar,the following words will come as no surprise. For the past five and a half years, Jian Ghomeshi has been gaining momentum. His CBC Radio One show, The Q, has garnered him national and international acclaim: it is a praise, well deserved.

Ghomeshi’s interviews are consistently compelling, a perfect balance of informed questions and a personality that puts any guest at ease (with the exception of Billy Bob, of course), Ghomeshi’s star has risen on both sides of the 49th. Every morning, starting at 10:00 PST, Ghomeshi introduces Canada’s blossoming, unique culture to our American neighbors. Timing is everything, and Jian is the man of our time— he’s Canada’s beardless prophet.

With all this momentum, it comes as no surprise that Ghomeshi was offered a book deal. His personality, which is somewhat understated in the oral context of his talk show (he routinely steps aside and allows his guests to shine) has become a subject of interest in Canada and abroad. We want to know more about this Iranian/Canadian who rose to fame in the early nineties as the drummer of Moxy Fruvous. We want to know what happened before Ghomeshi’s fame. With 1982, Ghomesci delivers his big reveal.


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