Wool On Wolves: Measures of Progress?

Even the best bands need a little time on their side in order to hit their stride. Before Wilco spawned their sprawling masterpiece, “Being There”, they released it’s kinda-ugly-baby-brother, “A.M.”. Bob Dylan, god that he is, sounded human-all-to-human on his self titled debut a few months before he realized his half/full potential with “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan'”. In much the same way that Wilco, Dylan, and the countless other musicians who provide the illustrious points of reference that are so tightly woven into the dense fabric of Wool on Wolves’ second album, “Measures of Progress” needed room to grow, this Edmonton band took a few years to gel: they have paid their dues.

Wool on Wolves are as patient as they are talented, which says a lot as the talent is indisputably there. Obviously, this band has rehearsed, and re-rehearsed. Wool on Wolves have toured this massive country extensively: they’ve put in a lot of time, and from the moment the needle drops on “Unsuspecting Ways” it becomes all to concise and too clear that the band’s patience has paid off.

The title, “Measures of Progress” is a laughable understatement, an inside joke among the five members of this air tight band from the City of Champions. This no incremental step toward cohesion. Over the course of this album’s ten masterful tracks, Wool on Wolves never stumbles.

Ironically, an album entitled “Measures of Progress” proves to be a giant leap forward for Wool On Wolves, a band poised, neigh, destined, to become our country’s not-so-sunken treasure. Wool on Wolves are not content to drunkenly stumble toward ecstasy. Instead, they choose to chase it relentlessly, a silver blade clenched tightly between their collective teeth.

So, I’m not going to sully this album in vein attempt to simply describe it. I will refrain from making comparisons (though I already have in a not-so-subtle-way). Instead, I encourage you to go buy it. Consider your purchase an investment in your own growth as well as a share in the promising future of one of Canada’s most promising bands. It’s even on vinyl for goodness’ sake! Go to Megatunes now.


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