Bad Apples: How The Beatles’ Massive Reissue Hurts Music

Let me start off by saying that I love The Beatles. Their music has been grafted into my DNA. They are the most important band of the 20th Century, and probably the most important band of all time.

But I also love a lot of contemporary music. And while there probably will never be “another Beatles” we owe it to up and coming musicians to give them every opportunity to shine.

Early this year, it was announced that The Beatles Catalogue would be reissued. While I don’t agree with the choice to remaster any album unless it’s completely necessary to do so, I understand the motivation: money.

Undoubtedly, many Beatles fans will forsake their beloved old copy of Abbey Road for a shiny, heavy reissue on the basis that “it will be like listening to it again for the first time”. I have no problem with that at all!

But, the cost of this massive project has come at the expense of virtually every band who had hoped to release a piece of vinyl this winter. I know of several bands who had been given release dates which were ultimately delayed by months simply because the Beatles reissue monopolized the record presses.

Ultimately, this means loss of record sales for bands who need record sales, whose careers lie in the balance. It’s unfortunate that they suffer because of Apple Records’ blatant cash grab.


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