Swine Dining: Epicure Selections Saves the Day

My relationship with pork is tenuous at best. As a child, my family didn’t have much money, which meant we ate a lot of pork chops. While my mom did an excellent job of mixing things up, experimenting with different rubs, herbs and sometimes even cooking the meat in Sour Kraut for hours, it wasn’t long before our pork-based meals got “boaring”. I found the meat to be a tough, tasteless substitute for beef no matter how it was prepared.

Since venturing out on my own, I have almost completely neglected swine, preferring to dine on other selections from nature’s impressive assortment of meats. I eat a lot of fish, but I’ve also regularly feasted on Bison, Beef, and even the occasional Ostrich steak. With the exception of delicious bacon, pork has been a long ignored protein in my kitchen.

While perusing the Meat section at the grocery store the other day, I was overcome with a sense of nostalgia, a homesickness and a yearning to re-experience my youth if only for a moment. Luckily, they had a special on Pork Shoulder roasts, and I was amazed by how cheap the “other white meat” is in comparison to beef or chicken. I delicately placed the roast in my basket next to the various bags of bulk goods and proceeded to the self checkout (I was feeling shy that day).

I got home around two o’clock: I had an important appointment at three, but I’d promised my wife that I’d have dinner ready by the time she got home. After panicking for a while, I regained a sense of composure and looked through our cupboards for some sour kraut: thank God I found a jar of Epicure Selections’ Pulled Pork Seasoning instead.

My wife had gone to the Epicure party a few months prior. The party, hosted by our neighbour, sounded like a fun one– lots of food and wine. My wife came home with the aforementioned seasoning, and a stainless steel bodum, which has seen a lot of use since that night. I’d forgotten all about the seasoning until I rediscovered it with only moments to spare that fateful afternoon.

I hastily read the instructions, amazed by how simple the preparation was. After pulling out our dusty crock pot, I rolled the roast in the mixture of seasoning, ketchup and vinegar before turning on the slow cooker and running out the door.

I’d all but forgotten about the pork until I got home a few hours later and breathed deeply the succulent smell of the south: I salivated heavily as my wife kissed me on the cheek. “Smells great, hun: thanks for cooking!”

The smell of the roast, as good as it was, was only a foretaste of things divine. We toasted some buns and put liberal amounts of the pork inside: I’ve never seen my wife eat as much as she did that night– ravenously licking her fingers after every bite.

I learned a few things that night. First, I learned that pork needn’t be a drab, poverty-induced fair: the meat is undoubtedly a gift from God. Second, I learned that I don’t need to slave away at a stove all day to make my wife happy. Epicure Selections makes things easy: I look forward to trying more of your products and hope that my wife will take me to the next Epicure Party!



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