I AM NOT A HIPSTER: (Nobody Is…)

Recently it has come to my attention that at least a few of my friends/family think of me as a “hipster”. My friend, we’ll call him “Tall”, has also been referred to as a hipster in certain circles… and both of us find the label (if not downright accusation, given the respective circumstances) humorous. “Tall” and I recently went crabbing together in an overwrought canoe: is crabbing a “hipster activity”? I think not.

The term is almost exclusively derogatory, used to describe anyone whose dress or musical tastes derive from the capitalistic norm. But here’s the thing, my favourite song right now is “Bimbo“, which was recorded well before the term “hipster” was ever uttered. Is Jim Reeves a hipster? I think not; he was a cowboy, as am I.

Let’s get over it, folks. Indeed, the term “hipster” is an effective marketing tool, but that’s about it. Some people don’t want to wear clothes with labels prominently affixed to them. Some people prefer their clothes to be “previously enjoyed” for reasons of comfort and economy. But these people are a multifarious bunch. They don’t fit into any pre-ordained box. Let’s move on and see such peoples as the complicated, beautiful and mystical messes they really are and stop calling them names. It will benefit us all, trust me.


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2 Responses to I AM NOT A HIPSTER: (Nobody Is…)

  1. This seems very common sense to me, I find that when people use labels even in jest it says more about their sensibilities than yours, if frequently used it makes me think that they have a narrow understanding of who they think you are.

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