analogue: Toward a Definition

analogue is an antithetical response to our Twenty First Century’s increasingly digitized cultural climate. Some of us have grown tired of being bombarded by massive amounts of information, most of which focuses upon things trivial and absurd.  We hope to recast our collective gaze onto matters of the heart; matters of life itself.  analogue celebrates art, food and culture; it venerates the tangible and is hyper local in its focus.  analogue is a magazine and much more; it cannot be found online.

Our first issue features writing by Isobel Maher, Scott Lansdowne, local historian John Adams, Nasstasia Yaremchuk, Nick Lyons and many others.  Poetry stands in the place of advertising, and the magazine features a Quiz Section by Benji Duke.  analogue is small in stature and big on content: our magazine contains the most extensive events listing of any Victorian publication.

analogue’s first issue also includes a mix tape.  The analogue mix contains recent works by a few of Victoria’s most compelling musicians.  Some of the material on the mix tape has never been released publicly, and some is set to be released officially at a later date.  All of it is good.  All of it is local.

A few of us will be discussing the magazine on CFUV’s “Doers, Makers and Thinkers” this Friday morning from 11:00-11:30.  Be sure to tune in.

analogue launches on Sunday December 1st at the Copper Owl.  Doors open at 4:00 PM.  The afternoon will feature readings by Isobel Maher and Nasstassia Yaremchuck as well as an intimate solo performance by this month’s feature artist Hank Pine.  We hope to see you there as it promises to be a very special afternoon.


Nick Lyons (Editor in Chief)   


Design: Evan Pine

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