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Sister Sport

One summer day, my mother took me to my grandparents’ place. She’d packed a small bag with some of my clothes and favourite toys. As we drove to their townhouse on the hill, I could tell that something was different … Continue reading

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On Writing at The Beagle (or, The Infinite Grace of M.)

In those days, I wrote exclusively at the pub. Ironically, even with all the distractions a pub provides, with all those beautiful waitresses and patrons, with the limitless amount of beer and whiskey behind the oaken elbow polished bar, I … Continue reading

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Jimmy Kon: Lulu Lemon’s Latest Poster-boy

Jimmy changed a lot after his stroke: it scared him ‘shitless’.  The first thing to go was the smoking.  Prior to the stroke, he seemed to have a smoldering cigarette permanently attached to his lips as he barked out orders … Continue reading

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A Different Breed of Sweatshop

The first thing you notice when you walk in is the sound.  Lack of sound may be a better way of describing it: vacuous, ambient noise.  Very rarely do we speak to each other here.  Communication is limited to physical … Continue reading

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