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Opening Johari’s Window, or The End of Satire

I wanted to write a satire tonight. I’ve been on a satirical streak as of late: I’ve read a lot The Onion and tons of David Foster Wallace essays too. I like satire and I think I’m good at it— … Continue reading

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First Visions (Milk and Honey Revised First Chapter)

There are memories before Luc. My genesis was met with a remote future possibility: Doctor Hames found a loose knot in my umbilical chord when she delivered me. She christened me the miracle child. Many visions remain: I carried them … Continue reading

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There was space for me in Victoria, a space in which I could grow and think properly. I went to Beacon Hill Park, the quite center of a quiet town. Much like Christ in the desert, much like Buddha under … Continue reading

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Visions of Ida

My grandma Schnell was surely one of the most beautiful humans ever to walk this earth. I was fortunate enough to have had her in my life from the very beginning. There are pictures of her and I at my … Continue reading

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A Winter’s Tale of Two Cities (or, An Ode to Victorian Winters)

My current conception of Winter is radically different that the one I carried with me on my motorcycle as I moved here from the prairies over five years ago. In Calgary, the first snowfall of the year usually occurs in … Continue reading

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Between Memory and Dream

All of the memories I’ve recorded thus far are conventional remembrances. But there are also visions poking around in the back of my mind which are cut from an entirely different sort of fabric. These memories, detached from tangible reality, … Continue reading

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Direction is No Place at All: An Evening With Colleen Brown

This review was originally published by Monday Magazine and can be found here. On Sunday night, I had the opportunity to attend a house concert. I’d never heard the performer before: all I knew about her was her name (Colleen … Continue reading

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