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On Writing at The Beagle (or, The Infinite Grace of M.)

In those days, I wrote exclusively at the pub. Ironically, even with all the distractions a pub provides, with all those beautiful waitresses and patrons, with the limitless amount of beer and whiskey behind the oaken elbow polished bar, I … Continue reading

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Wedding Speech

(Microphone Feedback and Resulting Vocalized Crowd Disaproval) Me: (Clearing throat uncomfortably and swallowing) Good God!  I thought I was at a Sonic Youth Show for a minute there… (No laughter, the ambient sound of chairs on hardwood) Me: Well, here … Continue reading

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A Venomous and Hateful Letter

The next morning, I awoke to a letter in my Facebook inbox. Therein was a short note from Jessica, accompanied by an attachment (I never knew one could add a Word Document to a Facebook message before that day (some … Continue reading

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Engagement: Take Two

Many months passed before I got up the courage to ask again.  I feared that she might sustain more bodily harm, should I tempt fate and ask her again.  In the meantime, I had procured a replacement ring with much … Continue reading

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Engagement: Take One

I decided to ask Margo to marry me while riding on the Ferry from Vancouver back to Victoria.  I bought a ring in Vancouver, thinking it, at the time, to be just a gift; on the ferry, however, I decided … Continue reading

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